Who's Who at WCB

All administration and decision making is done via our committee. Please feel free to speak to any committee member with your queries or comments. Meeting minutes are available in the Members Area. You can contact the committee here.

The committee members and other officials are:

  • Jonathan Parkes (Musical Director)
  • Ken Seal (Chair)
  • Debbie Tunnicliffe (Secretary)
  • Richard Markham (Treasurer)
  • Liz Headon (Membership secretary)
  • Nick Bradley (Committee member)
  • Terry Mitchell (Committee member)
  • Rachel Dyson (Committee member)
  • Gordon Robson (Librarian)
  • Roger Pearce (Committee member)
  • Sarah Clarke (Committee member)
  • Alan Cottrill (Youth Band Musical Director)
  • Jane Cottrill (Youth Band Secretary)

Musical Director - Jonathan Parkes

Picture of Jonathan ParkesJonathan grew up in the brass band world and played Principal Trombone for the Rotherham Schools Youth Brass Band and the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain before going on to study at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester under Chris Houlding and Andrew Berryman. Whilst at the Royal Northern he started his career as a freelance trombonist working with the Halle Orchestra and since graduating has gone on to work with all the professional orchestras in the North West of England, including the Manchester Camerata, BBC Philharmonic, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Opera North and Northern Ballet. In 2004 he played Principal Trombone for the Philharmonia of the Nations in Germany, touring Europe and South Africa. Alongside his freelancing career, Jonathan teaches primary school music and teaches brass for the Tameside Music Service. Since 2000 he has been a regular tutor and course director at the Musicales Summer Schools courses and in Easter 2012 was appointed Musical Director of the National Children’s Wind Orchestra. After a successful spell with Dobcross Youth Brass Band, Jonathan was delighted to be appointed MD of the Werneth Concert Band at the start of 2016.

Chair - Ken Seal

Picture of Ken SealI joined – or more accurately became - the percussion section of WCB in January 1995, shortly after moving north to take up a new job. Having resisted offers to join the committee for many years I finally succumbed on retiring in 2013 and took on the chairmanship in 2015. After a couple of years of fruitless piano lessons I started to play the drums when I was 12, taking lessons for a couple of years from our next door neighbour at the time who was a dance band drummer. I played in the school orchestra and was timpanist with the Warwickshire Youth Orchestra. We also had our own ‘pop’ group which played in youth and social clubs. At 18 I chose to pursue a career in science but have continued to play percussion wherever I have lived, in a variety of groups, bands and orchestras. I am still trying to improve my stick technique!

Secretary - Debbie Tunnicliffe

Picture of Debbie TunnicliffeI was about 7 when it was a established at Junior School that I had actually got a good 'ear' for music despite being born partially death in both ears. I was to start learning the violin and played for about a year when i decided string instruments didn't really suit me and took up the recorder family instead. I was already heavily involved in music with Church & School Choirs and it wasn't until I was 13 I decided to do GCSE Music that my music teacher introduced me to the Clarinet. I picked it up pretty quickly and soon joined both my School & Church Band as well. I had been playing leisurely until I was introduced to Werneth thru a friend and was lucky to join in March 2010 when a vacancy had arisen in the 3rd Clarinet section. Unfortunately I just missed out on the tour to Spain but I made up for this in 2013 and went on my 1st Band tour to Portugal. I have thoroughly enjoyed my 4 years with the band so far and I am looking forward to being on the committee.

Treasurer - Richard Markham

I have played the French Horn since I was at secondary school with various church groups, and orchestras and for a period at Warwickshire youth band. Shortly after moving to Stockport in 1991, I joined Werneth Concert Band. It was a challenging start, finding myself with the band in the recording studios at the BBC only a few weeks after starting as we made our first recording. Over the past 20 years since then, it's been a pleasure to be part of a growing and extremely friendly community. Away from the band I am a project manager - currently working for Bosch in the world of Automotive electronics. Looking forward, I am thrilled that the band now has permanent base at Chadkirk Business Park, which we can develop into an arts centre at the heart of the local community. I have joined the committee as Treasurer to contribute to this exciting new project.

Membership secretary - Liz Headon

Committee member - Nick Bradley

Picture of Nick BradleyI attended the first meeting of the Band in April 1983, mainly to support my daughters Kate (2nd clarinet) and Sarah (euphonium), who were interested in joining. I became Secretary of the Band straight away, a post which I held until 2004. I didn’t play an instrument myself, but I got tired of just listening, so started learning the bassoon in 1987 so that I could join in the music-making. A third daughter, Rachel, joined the horn section in 1986 for a few years, and my wife Marjorie later joined the euphonium section. Granddaughter Natasha has also recently joined the flute section. After I retired as Secretary I remained on the committee and took over from John Glynn as Chairman in 2007, serving in that capacity for three years. I have now been persuaded to re-join the committee.

I have been retired from work for some years after a career as a Patent Attorney with Ferranti, formerly one of the country’s foremost electronic companies. Marjorie and I were made Honorary Members of the Band in December 2010.

Committee member - Terry Mitchell

Hi, my name is Terry Mitchell and I play 3rd clarinet.

I joined the band in 1993 after being cajoled by a member of the trumpet section whose daughter was involved with Stockport Schools Wind Band. My daughter Su (Ancliffe), oboe, played with SSWB and I was the administrator.

I have been a committee member of WCB for several years and treasurer from 2009 to 2014. I believe the band is a true community band that supports its members through adversity. My recent fight with colon cancer was a case in point.

I am a volunteer at Hare Hill, part of the National Trust.

Committee member - Rachel Dyson

Picture of Rachel DysonI joined the band in 2013, having recently moved to south Manchester. I began learning Piano and Cornet at Primary School, and transitioned to Trumpet when I was 17. However I'd not picked up my trumpet for a few years before joining the band, but have had fun remembering how to play! I was lucky enough to join just before the band's tour to Cascais in Portugal.

Librarian - Gordon Robson

Picture of Gordon RobsonGordon played piano and recorder from a young age. Then at 38 (better late than never) learnt the clarinet and joined the band on bass clarinet in 1986. Soon afterwards he started on saxophone, discovering that it was not just a jazz instrument, and now plays alto saxophone in the band. He was treasurer for a number of years and is now librarian since the band moved to Chadkirk. Gordon plays various sizes of clarinet and saxophone in different settings - orchestra, big band, chamber music of which saxophone quartet is a favourite, etc. He organises some of these groups which is one way of getting playing opportunities (hint). He arranges music and has become an expert with Sibelius - need any help? Gordon was a computer engineer and designer with ICL (now Fujitsu). He is retired, volunteered for Stockport Cerebral Palsy for 12 years and now pursues his hobbies, mainly in music.

Committee member - Roger Pearce

Picture of Roger Pearce

Committee member - Sarah Clarke

Youth Band Musical Director - Alan Cottrill

Alan has twenty seven years experience working for Manchester Music Service organizing, teaching, taking bands and ensembles. He now teaches brass at Bredbury Green Primary School.

Youth Band Secretary - Jane Cottrill

Jane is a Primary School teacher in Stockport and teaches both woodwind and brass. Both she and the Youth Band Director Alan are long term members of Werneth Concert Band and hold full CRB checks from Stockport MBC.