Tour 2013 - Portugal

30th Anniversary tour to Cascais, Portugal, May 2013

Hotel Baia, Cascais, Portugal

Werneth Concert Band's 30th Anniversary Tour was the band's second trip to Cascais, Portugal, and took place from 25th May to 1st June 2013.

The flight departed from Manchester to Lisbon with a seven night stay in the excellent Hotel Baia situated in Cascais on the South-West coast, not far from Lisbon. You can see the hotel here: http://www.hotelbaia.com/uk, and for information on the area in general visit http://www.visitlisboa.com/Lisbon.aspx.

Tapping up of old contacts and a pre-visit by the tour committee ensured the concert schedule took shape nicely, and excellent evenings were had at the local theatre, park and the square outside the hotel (the latter two featuring the swing band). A repeat of the 1998 concert at St Julian's school took place with both WCB and the school band peforming, including several joint numbers rehearsed only moments beforehand! During the day many band members spent time at the school tutoring the youngsters and leading sectional rehearsals, which seemed to go down well and definitely helped with the evening's entertainment.

The band took the opportunity to perform their two new 30th anniversary compositions as well as a great variety of classic wind band material. Having so much music in the repetoire for a single week is always a challenge but the band rose to the occasion as never before and there were some exceptional performances during the week.

As always, a number of people extended their stay in Lisbon by an extra week following the tour - a good opportunity to do some more exploring, and relax after a hectic and very satisfying week of music- and merry-making!

See the photo gallery (link on the left) for pictures from the tour.