Mini-Tour, Colwyn Bay - 2006

Weekend of the 11th November 2006

The Remembrance Day Concert held at St. Paul’s Church, Colwyn Bay shared with our hosts, Cor Meibion Colwyn, was a real success. Certainly there were a few tears trickling down faces whilst the Last Post was played.

Allan was actually pleased with the playing and thought that we had "nailed" that tricky piece, "Convergence". Many would like it nailed to the fence but there you go. The French horns did very well considering that they had forgotton most of their music!  Dan was seen hurriedly writing out his part for "Eternal Father".

The Imperial Hotel was fine, but several male members have asked the management to provide rather more expansive dressing gowns. Gerry Murphy was seen sneaking to the gym in two of them!

A great success and thanks to Cor Meibion Colwyn and St Paul's Church for their hospitality.

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